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Give us your MAILING LIST WISHLIST and let us acquire the best lists available for your project.  We can then merge/purge if needed with your current database and create one MASTER LIST. 

Simply call or fill out the job form on this page to provide us with the list specifications. You will receive your quote within 24 business hours.

Mailing List Rentals

Direct mail is one of the most effective advertising options available. Frequent mailings have been proven to develop new customers, as well as retain current customers.  Renting a pre-compiled list allows you to target specific groups and sub-groups. Businesses or consumers that will be interested in your products/services. We provide the following types of lists:​​


  • Consumers By Name, Income, Age, Sex, Phone Numbers as well as resident/occupant lists
  • Lists by interests and FICA scores


  • Contact Names, Phone Numbers, Fax Numbers, Business Size, Employee Size, Sales Volume
  • Medical and Specialty Lists

                 - AMA and AMI mailing lists 


Mail List Maintenance 

We can take your mailing list from any form and compile a single DUPLICATE FREE, MOVE UPDATED, and CASS CERTIFIED LIST for your direct mail project.  We can then merge/purge your database with a pre-compiled database to help expand your target market.  Once the lists are completed to your satisfaction, a copy of the list can be electronically sent to you in any format requested.

  • Add ZIP+4 information for Bar-coding, 
  • CASS Certify, Run current NCOA
  • Easy Access for repeat mailings 
  • Eliminates Duplication 
  • Coding Ability- we can mail to specific sub-groups your mailing list
  • Maintain and update the file for future mailings 

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